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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update:

The elders and deacons met this morning to discuss and make a plan concerning the coronavirus national emergency. The hope is that it won’t have a big impact on our community, but we must be wise and intentional in doing our part to minimize the potential impact.

Please use this time to think about our priorities as Christians. How can we serve others? How can we encourage faith? How can we pray?

The elders have decided to continue with the 9:30 adult Sunday School class and the 10:30 church service tomorrow (March 15). However, children’s church and nursery will not be available. We will also NOT be serving coffee or treats.

Pete Thompson, Church Chairman, will explain the rapidly-developing plans, and there will be further updates on the website and Facebook pages.

In order to minimize the spread of the virus and protect our most vulnerable, church services, youth group, AWANA are cancelled as of March 16. The elders and deacons are currently working on organizing the congregation by area so that everyone will have opportunity to come alongside to help as needed.

Home groups: Leaders are developing a plan for home groups where people can meet, worship and hear a message from Steve through YouTube or the website. If you would be interested in hosting a gathering, please let us know.

If you play an instrument, please get in touch with Lori King.

Our hope is that in just a few weeks, we will be gathering at church again.

Right now, communication is key. Please make sure the church has your email address. You can send it to the church’s email address, which is on the lower right side of the main page of this website.

These measures might seem drastic. But the evidence shows it is serious and the best way to minimize the impact, is to take measures EARLY to keep people away from the virus. I’ll post more information about it. Of course, we trust God. But He also calls us to be wise, recognize danger and protect our loved ones.


Fall is fast approaching, and it is near the time for our 3rd Annual Mission Conference at CEFC. This year’s morning session speaker/presenter will be one of the founders of Eternal Anchor, a mission serving special needs children and adults on the Baja Peninsula. The afternoon session speakers are Wayne and Loma Morris, who have served with New Tribes for two decades.

Austin Robinson had been scheduled to be the representative of Eternal Anchor. He will be receiving an award on the West side of the State the day of the conference, so one of the founders will be speaking in his place. We will miss him, but congratulate him on his award!

Wonderfully Made is this year’s theme, and Psalm 139:14 is the Scripture for this event. Several of the missionaries our church body supports will be in attendance and give presentations on their missions and ministries.

Eternal Anchor

Eternal Anchor Staff

Eternal Anchor, founded in 2014, is a loving home, school and community outreach program for children and adults with special needs in rural Baja California, Mexico. The staff and volunteers at Eternal Anchor work diligently to offer quality care to the children and adults in our programs. We work hard to empower and preserve families through education and training. And we spread God’s love and hope to our community through our example.

Eternal Anchor exists to reflect God’s hope and love to children and adults with special needs. Our vision is to see children and adults with special needs in our community celebrated and nurtured so they can reach their God-given potential.

Children that don’t have families to care of them are often tossed around from home to home and grow up without the love and stability they need to thrive. The name, Eternal Anchor, was chosen for its imagery. Amidst the chaos of life and the uncertainties of not being with family, our team wants to be that anchor of hope for children with special needs. And, because Christ is the Eternal Anchor for our souls (Hebrews 6:19), we want to share His eternal love and hope with children with special needs, as well as their families.

Wayne & Loma Morris (Papua New Guinea) – New Tribes Mission


As an extension of the ministry of the body of Christ, twenty-three years ago we gave up our Council address to serve the expanding church in the country of Papua New Guinea (PNG). For many of those years, we served as a part of the administrative and leadership team for 400+ missionaries and their children. Since returning in 2012 for health reasons, Wayne has continued to assist his co-workers remotely and on trips to PNG. He advises, trains and works on projects required to keep the missionary team in PNG, furthering the planting and development of tribal churches. In 2015, co-workers in PNG reached a point in their equipping which permitting Wayne’s role to be adjusted to part-time. This has allowed time to assist and equip our local body of believers in our home community in Montana.

Those willing and able to serve the church in other countries has dropped significantly. It is our heart to encourage the church to be engaged in equipping and sending others. As the Lord provides someone to share teaching responsibilities in our church, we desire to share with other churches what God is doing through his church and encourage them to be engaged in sending others into the harvest.

Special Children’s Mission Time

New this year, children are being invited and encouraged to attend. During the afternon speaker/presentation, Pastor Robert and Cindy McDowall will take the children to the multi-purpose room for special missions-related activities.

Lunch will be provided, and there will be special music and a puppet ministry presentation!

Time to Pre-Register for VBS!

Get ready to launch into hyperdrive at Time Lab, where we’ll discover Jesus from eternity past to eternity future! Did you know Jesus existed before He was born as the baby in the manger? Did you know He was actively involved in creating the universe? And that He existed even before we read about Him in Genesis 1:1? Did you know we can find Him in the accounts of the Old Testament? Do you know what He did while He was here on Earth? Do you know what He is doing right now? At Time Lab, we’ll have a blast uncovering the truth about Jesus through His Word! You won’t want to miss a nanosecond of the fun, so set your watches and make plans to join us at Time Lab!

Chewelah Evangelical Free Church’s summer Vacation Bible School for 2018 will be June 25 through the 29th, 8:30 a.m to Noon. This fun event is open to children ages 5-12 and pre-registration is required.

Be prepared to bring your Bible, swimsuit and towel, and get ready for a week of Bible stories, crafts, snacks, fun games and the famous DUNK TANK!

This event will be held at the church, located at 2211 Sand Canyon Road. Email us at, or call the church office at 935-7770. You could also use the Contact Us form in the “All About CEFC” dropdown menu. Be sure to include a phone number, and we will have someone contact you to complete the pre-registration process.

2017 VBS – Galactic Starveyors

Chewelah VBS 2017

We’re discovering how the God of the Universe
wants a relationship with us!

Mark your Calendars!

Vacation Bible School at Chewelah E-Free Church
Monday, June 26th thru Friday, June 30th
8:30AM to 12 Noon
For ages 5 – 12 years

Contact Diana at 509.935.0930

Our VBS Theme Verse is:
 “He is the image of the invisible God,  the firstborn over all creation. For everything was created by Him, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible,  whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him.”   Colossians 1:15-16


Important Children’s Ministry Training Session December 6

Everyone involved in Children and Youth Ministries at CEFC – or prayerfully considering becoming involved in one of these ministries, please mark your calendars for a mandatory training workshop for all of those participating in any of the following Children or Youth Ministries at CEFC:

  • Children’s Church
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Awana
  • Youth Groups
  • Any of our outings off campus including Church Van drivers.

For ages 18 and older, Rural Resources Victim Services will be presenting a two-hour interactive training session entitled: ‘Stewards of Children’. Our speaker will be Alex Panagotacos. This training is essential for the protection of our precious children and youth as well as you, our treasured staff.

See you at the Church, Tuesday evening, December 6, 6:30pm!
In His service and yours,
Diana 🙂


It’s Vacation Bible School Time at CEFC!

Chewelah Evangelical Free Church VBS 2015

Chewelah Evangelical Free Church VBS 2015

It’s Vacation Bible School at Chewelah Evangelical Free Church!
2211 Sand Canyon Rd.
Children ages 5-12 years are welcome!
June 22nd thru June 26th
8:30 am to 12 Noon

Call Diana at 509-935-0930 to Pre-Register
Grab your expedition gear and prepare for Journey Off the Map!
Come join us as we discover truths about Jesus—the Ultimate Guide!
Kids will enter the Worship Rally at The Overlook and make their
first stop in the Tangled Branch Tree House for Bible study.
While on their journey, kids will also visit:

Survival Springs for snacks
Rappelling Ravine for recreation
Rushing Waters for music
Boulder Bridge for missions
and Shady Grove for crafts.


New Outreach Ministry!


with Candy Kristovich
Master Puppeteer

Meeting Sundays at 2:30pm
for boys & girls 7-15 yrs !
Welcome Parent Helpers

Candy’s vision is to share the Gospel Story in our Church and Community thru Puppets!

Candy says, “Puppets…make people smile and build bridges across what can be universal barriers such as language, age, and personal experiences.”

Vision for our Children:

  • Equip with Biblical truths
  • Know God and grow in spiritual walk
  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Develop a heart of Christ-like service

             Come Join In!

VBS ProMo Movie & Popcorn Night

Free Movie and Popcorn!
Family Night Out!
The Lost Adventure
2015 VBS ProMo Movie!
Friday, April 24th, 6pm only

Chewelah Evangelical Free Church
2211 Sand Canyon Road
Questions? Contact Diana   935-0930

 Our young heroes, Cyrus and Jules, take a surprising detour from their common life onto an uncharted island of fantastic natural wonder. On a mission to find their missing father, the pair will face challenges, both physical and spiritual. Every adventurous moment is an opportunity to discover God’s leading, the meaning of family, and how to face hardships with faith. popcorn


Singing Outreach Ministry

Each month, a church from our community serves in a singing outreach ministry at St. Joseph’s Long-Term Care Center, the “other side” of our local hospital. It is our privilege to be one of those churches that participates in this ministry to those who are generally unable to attend church services.

The group that comes from our church varies from month to month, and anyone from the church – young or old – is welcome to join us. This ministry is about blessing those who come to listen, and there is no requirement for exceptional singing ability!

Typically, we sing old “hymns of the faith” that most of the patients who attend the service will know from memory. It is always a blessing to us to see lips moving with familiar words, even if no voice is coming forth!

During our ministry time, the pastor (or someone else if he is not with us) will read a Scripture and speak a few words of encouragement from the Gospel to our “audience.”

If you have never joined the group, we serve on the second Sunday each month, with occasional exceptions when another church needs to switch Sundays because of prior commitments; this month (December 2014) being one of those. We did not include a time with this posting because prior to our next singing in January, St. Joseph’s LTC will be changing the time.

We are happy to have as many as we can fit in the front of the room – join us!