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A Note From Pastor Steve

Dear CEFC Sheltering Family,

I hope you are staying healthy and seeking God intently in this time of His stirring in our world.  I want to share some resources available to you while we are unable to meet together.

Every Sunday on

  • Sermon video link to YouTube and audio link (for slower Internet connections) to either stream or download.
  • Sermon outline and meditation questions to go with the sermon!
  • Links for suggested worship songs that go with the message from YouTube and Spotify (no account needed)
  • – Links for children’s worship & video links for four age groups
  • – Prayer list suggestions

A Good Friday message will also be posted in the same location.

If you didn’t get the email about using the Dwell Audio Bible Reading App, let us know and we’ll send you the information. (CEFC locals only)

Stay in touch with each other.  Take advantage of various levels of technology: call, text, email, Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, or Zoom to encourage and find out how to help one another.  You could even form a video group with Zoom to have a small group time!  Don’t be isolated!  God wants to use this time, so don’t just sit around waiting for it to be over!

For the Kingdom,
Pastor Steve Flora

Church Online Beginning March 29

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts to us in our pains. It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” – CS Lewis

For those who are ready to hear what God has to say we, want you to join us as we seek His face and listen to His Word. Member, non-member, first-timer or old-timer – doesn’t matter. Jesus Loves YOU.

Gathering together to pray, study the Bible, worship, and fellowship is a huge part of who we are as a church body. It’s biblical. It’s commanded. It’s our history. But this is a health emergency, and strict measures are in place, so how we do that in the near term is going to look a little different…

Each week during the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, there will be a fresh sermon link, with Spotify and YouTube music links posted for your Sunday at-home service on the church web page at Current Sunday Links . It’s all set. Download and join your voices together (separately).

Coronavirus: Why Do Anything Differently?

According to the best information we have available a this time:

Coronavirus (CoVid-19) is a quick spreading, virulent virus that attacks human pulmonary and cardiovascular systems. It’s not an average flu. The typical incubation period is 14 days. New data shows that infected children carry and spread the virus even longer while showing no symptoms. It is transmitted through droplets and enters the body via mucus membranes. It can survive up to 3 days on varying surfaces.

About 80% of those infected will experience mild / moderate flu symptoms that last up to 8 weeks. About 18% will need to be hospitalized, and 2-4% may die after infection (NIH data). Those most vulnerable to the virus are older persons, those with compromised immune systems, and those with diabetes, lung & heart disease.

The virus primarily attacks the lungs and patients rapidly lose the ability to oxygenate as the lung tissue fills with fluid and bacterial infection sets in. The heart may also be attacked directly by the virus resulting in inflammation and reduced heart function.

An infected person may be symptom free for several days and still transmit the virus to others. At present, testing can take up to several days and test kits are not yet available at local hospitals. For every patient tested positive, an exponentially greater number of persons could be infecting more people.

Our regional medical community has extremely limited resources to deal with a mass influx of hospitalizations. If no purposeful action is taken, the disease could create a simultaneously large and seriously ill population that exceeds the staffing and resources available. This would further increase the death rate as patients are left untreated.

Data from other countries shows that early implementation of social distancing policies effectively flattened CoVid-19 infection, hospitalization and death rates. The best way to limit the spread and impact of the disease is to curtail human exposure now, before the epidemic has a chance to fully develop in our region. That is why we are taking steps to 1) inform the church body, 2) meet in smaller groups, and 3) prepare to meet the needs of those who are impacted in our church and in our community.

Social Distancing – The New Etiquette

Bubble: Keep at least 3’, preferably 6’ in public

  • Gather in smaller groups
  • Avoid shaking hands in social settings
  • Don’t touch your face, nose, head, neck
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching anything
  • Regularly disinfect surfaces: Countertops, Handles, Cell phones, Keyboards, Steering wheels
  • Use paper towels to dry your hands, shut faucets, open doors

Sneezing and Coughing? Use your elbow sleeve or shoulder

If you have a fever, aches and cough –

  • get it tested
  • don’t go out in public
  • self-quarantine – symptom free + 7 days
  • ask for help with daily needs


And…Please sign up on the needs / resources list!

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update:

The elders and deacons met this morning to discuss and make a plan concerning the coronavirus national emergency. The hope is that it won’t have a big impact on our community, but we must be wise and intentional in doing our part to minimize the potential impact.

Please use this time to think about our priorities as Christians. How can we serve others? How can we encourage faith? How can we pray?

The elders have decided to continue with the 9:30 adult Sunday School class and the 10:30 church service tomorrow (March 15). However, children’s church and nursery will not be available. We will also NOT be serving coffee or treats.

Pete Thompson, Church Chairman, will explain the rapidly-developing plans, and there will be further updates on the website and Facebook pages.

In order to minimize the spread of the virus and protect our most vulnerable, church services, youth group, AWANA are cancelled as of March 16. The elders and deacons are currently working on organizing the congregation by area so that everyone will have opportunity to come alongside to help as needed.

Home groups: Leaders are developing a plan for home groups where people can meet, worship and hear a message from Steve through YouTube or the website. If you would be interested in hosting a gathering, please let us know.

If you play an instrument, please get in touch with Lori King.

Our hope is that in just a few weeks, we will be gathering at church again.

Right now, communication is key. Please make sure the church has your email address. You can send it to the church’s email address, which is on the lower right side of the main page of this website.

These measures might seem drastic. But the evidence shows it is serious and the best way to minimize the impact, is to take measures EARLY to keep people away from the virus. I’ll post more information about it. Of course, we trust God. But He also calls us to be wise, recognize danger and protect our loved ones.

Updated Bylaws Available

After many months of thoughtful review and re-working, Chewelah E Free’s updated bylaws document was voted into the record at the recent Annual Congregational Meeting on January 26.

A number of important items were clarified; and minor changes were made by a hard-working, dedicated committee of church leadership and volunteers. This update has been quietly in the works for several years, and it is good to have this project completed.

To view the document, simply click on Bylaws in the pulldown menu All About CEFC. You may download the document and save or print it for your own review and use.

Election of Officers – Part 1 – Elders

As we prepare for our annual election of those people who will serve in leadership roles in CEFC, each of us needs to prayerfully consider the men who are on the ballot for our two governing boards – elders and deacons. Please read the Scriptures named in the text below so you have a full understanding of the expectations the Lord has for those who would be the wise and mature spiritual leaders of an evangelical church body.

In the revised bylaws that we will also be voting on January 26, the section on Elders is as follows:

Section 3 – Elders

A. His Character:An elder shall qualify according to Titus 1:5-9 and shall have a high standard of character growth and life style (I Timothy 3: 1-7). He shall be one recognized as godly, of good reputation, with evidence of wisdom and fruits of the Spirit’s control (to be further addressed in the church Policy Manual).

B. Duties: The Board of Elders serves on behalf of the congregation and under the headship of Christ to provide spiritual oversight and shepherding of the congregation. They also supervise and delegate the ministry of the church (Ephesians 4:11-16, 1 Peter 5:1-5), which may include initiating, overseeing, and evaluating the various ministries and administration of the church and coordinating its program (see also Article IV – Ministries).

C. Structure: The Board of Elders shall consist of the pastor(s) and optimally at least three and no more than six elders elected by the church membership. Each elder shall serve a two (2) year term, with the terms offset to enable continuity on the Board. The maximum consecutive terms shall be limited to two (2) terms. If an elder should not be able to fulfill his elected term, then the Board of Elders may appoint a man to fill the remainder of that term.

D. Church Chairman: At their first meeting after the Annual Congregational Meeting, the Elders shall choose one of their members to serve as Church Chairman and another member to serve as Secretary of the Board of Elders. The Chairman shall serve as the President of the Corporation. The Chairman and Pastor shall be responsible for coordinating the ministries of the church through the Board of Elders. He shall chair the Board of Elders and the church congregation meetings.

E. Dismissal. Should an elder exhibit an attitude or personal conduct not consistent with the scriptural requirements of the office, the process as outlined in Matthew 18:15-20, I Timothy 5:19 and Galatians 6:1-5 shall be followed. If this does not result in a satisfactory change, he shall be removed from the Board. Removal can be done by a unanimous recommendation of the remaining elders and a sixty seven percent (67%) majority vote of members present. (See Article II Section 2 – Quorum)”

In our next post, we will look at the qualifications and duties of those who wish to serve on the board of deacons.

Women’s Ministry Brunch

Just a reminder that we will be gathering together this Saturday, January 4 at church, 10am for BRUNCH!

The purpose of the gathering is to hear from women about creating a vital women’s ministry at E. Free.

Along with good coffee and Pastor Dan’s cinnamon rolls, we’ll be seeking the Lord’s guidance, brainstorming ideas and hearing your concerns.

Whether you are in a season to be involved in ministry or not, we want to hear your thoughts, so please come!

If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Sterley, Joan Thompson or Karan Flora.

2019 Harvest Hymn Sing

Each year, CEFC invites the community to come and sing hymns with us in the Fall season, (and some years again in the Spring).

Chewelah Harvest Hymn SingAlthough we, and many of the churches in town, sing lots of hymns during regular weekly services, sometimes we don’t get to sing our favorite ones very often. This event provides an opportunity for folks to request – and sing – their favorite hymns.

Because we always end up singing until nobody can sing anymore, we like to have special music interspersed through the evening to let people’s voices rest for a few minutes. This adds to the enjoyment of the fellowship time together with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

After the singing is finished, we gather in the fellowship hall and enjoy apple cider and treats.

Our new, larger sanctuary can seat up to 150, so there is plenty of room to bring family members and friends from around the community. And if you have a Sunday evening service at your church, you can always come for the beginning, then slip out when you need to!


Another new women’s study is beginning at CEFC. According to Joan Thompson, “We’re calling it the ‘Hebrews 12 Group’ because we’re focusing on ‘laying aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us’ in order to run our unique race of life.”

The study begins Tuesday, September 24, 7:00pm at Chewelah Evangelical Church and will go for about 10 weeks. You DON’T have to attend church in order to participate! ❤️

Along with the study (using “Be Transformed” by Scope Ministries), women will be learning about how the brain works, hormones, habits and practical ways to make real change. And yes, we’re your support group! For those interested in applying concepts to health and losing weight, we’ll be meeting at 6:30pm, prior to the study.

If you have questions, call or message Joan Thompson or attend the information meeting this Sunday following the church service (about noon) at Chewelah Evangelical Free church. Joan says, “I believe every person has a unique purpose, a calling in life. I’m excited to share how God has been freeing me up and I KNOW He is eager to free up anyone who is willing to reach out for truth and grace. 🌟”