2018 VBS Training Schedule Memo

PLEASE NOTE: All staff must  attend at least ONE (preferably June 3rd) training session. If you can, please attend ALL. We need to meet together for prayer, to coordinate with the teams, and to learn how to work in this year’s VBS. There is vital information at each session. Please set aside this time and come.
Thank you.


  • June 3rd, Sunday, right after church in new sanctuary, bring a sack lunch if you need to eat. PLANS, INFORMATION, MEET WITH YOUR TEAM.
  • June 14th, Thurs. at the church, 6:30pm. Procedures manual training, new information, planning, and training. Prayer.
  • June 18th, Monday, at the church, 6:30pm, KICK OFF PARTY!! No meal, just treats, fun, information, and prayer. Everyone come who can!!
  • June 24th, Sunday, right after church, last minute  details before you eat and set up. Hand out Monday’s rotation schedule.


DECORATION WORK DAYS: (As needed. If we get finished, we might not need all these dates)

  1. Tues., May 29th, 9am
  2. Tues., June 5th 9am
  3. Wed., June 13, 9am (this was changed from the printed sheet which was on Thursday)
  4. Tues.-Fri., June 19-22, 9am  I will be there each morning as needed to set up and finish all decorations


SUN. JUNE 25TH, right after church, BBQ and then finish decorating and setting up all areas for the activities.

Thank you. Be praying for Rachelle and I as we finalize the plans.