New Thursday Evening Bible Study

This study is already underway at Dorothy’s house on Thursday evenings at 7 p.m.. Feel free to join us if you want to pick up from where we are and continue on!


10 Choices to change your life—what if it was true?  What if you could make these “10 Choices” and your life would be different? Not different like you’ll have mint-y fresh breath if you switch toothpaste —I’m talking radically different.   What if just one of these choices would change your relationships and for the rest of your life you’d experience the freedom of forgiveness? What if your first response to trials was always faith? What if you knew for a fact that your life was designed for great purpose and impact? Change like that.  That’s the kind of transformation God has proven He can do in our lives when we follow His prescription on life. And that’s what the book “10 Choices” is all about. Each of the 10 Choices can turn your life around. For real.