Prayers Answered in Fire-Ravaged Valley

We thought you all might enjoy reading this message we received from Shane and Sally Freese from the Aeneas Valley church: 

I was asked to share with my church family what I saw God doing through the fires in our area.  My wife suggested that I also share this with you as many of you prayed for us.

  When the fires broke out, Aeneas Valley was one of the first areas that were TO BE hit the hardest. With lack of resources and no infrastructure in Aeneas Valley, we were not on the top of the list for fire fighting resources.  

  It was amazing to see experienced fire fighters and community members recognize something or someone was in control.  Many of the experienced fire fighters kept saying that they have never seen the fire behavior that they saw here in Aeneas Valley.  Fire never stops with fuel in its path after moving 3 miles through the same fuels. That is what it did in several areas! Or winds present in most of the valley but not in a specific area where several of our church family have homes.  Aeneas Valley fire fighters contributed the no wind to our people praying and gave God the credit for movement or should I say lack of fire movement.

  In a fire meeting, one person was stating how unbelievable the fire movement was when another pointed at me and said “I am not surprised.  He is praying for this valley.”

  Through this I have been able to interact with other believers and unbelievers, fire fighters both local, national and international. God has been given the credit for His miraculous movement and lack of fire through out all of the Aeneas Valley area.

   Most of our church family is now at a level 1.  Only 3 structures were threatened Praise God!

   Please continue to pray for our area.  There are those in our area at large (Tonasket) who have lost much and God is providing in unique ways for them as He is for our congregation.

   We cannot say thank you enough for your prayers for us through the fires. Our church family also says thank you!  Please continue to pray as we all try to find a new normal and for our church as we minister to those who are still hurting.

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