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Garrett and Jess are led to attend a training for ministry as counselors for families and couples. There is a need for additional funding to answer this call.
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Taiwan Address:
Xuefu Rd. Ln. 136, Alley 42, No. 1, 4F
New Taipei City, Danshui Dist. 251

For packages: Ying Juan Rd. Ln. 2, No. 4, 5F
New Taipei City, Danshui Dist. 251


Many of our staff here at YWAM Taipei were out for the summer on furloughs, vacations, and ministry trips but the summer has been busy as usual. We have run many different children’s camps, hosted outreach teams, and had two of our own schools running. (Our bible school runs until December)

Montana Outreach Teams

It is always a pleasure to host outreach teams in Taiwan. The students are always full of life and anxious to tell of Jesus’ saving grace. Two of the teams hosted this summer was a Summer of Sports team and a Discipleship Training School from YWAM Montana. They did an awesome job immersing themselves into Taiwanese culture, loving people, and spreading the good news of Jesus.

Disaster Relief

As many of you know, we had a pretty big typhoon come through in early July. Homes were destroyed, cars went rolling down the streets, debris flew everywhere, and people were hurt. The storm was originally supposed to cross over the northern part of the island, over Taipei where we live, but took an unexpected turn south and hit the east and southern coasts hard. There were many volunteer relief crews and military from all over that came to help. We were blessed to be able to help in some of the clean up.


One of our core values here at YWAM Taipei is to see the un-reached reached with the gospel. There are many ways in which we evangelize; whether it be at our coffee bar or out on the street. Pictured below is one of our Taiwanese staff, Bess, who has been getting a heart for her nation and taking the truth of Jesus to the streets!

God Story

Another team that had come through earlier this year was led by a man named Raju. Raju is a good friend of ours from Montana. Below is the story of how the gospel reached one man named Charlie. Charlie is a German man on a quest for truth. Before he heard the gospel he identified as a Buddhist, but now identifies himself as Buddhist-Christian. Please pray for him that he would understand the two cannot go hand in hand and that there is only one God, one truth, one Jesus.

As always, we are so grateful for all your love, prayers, and support. Without you the work of the Lord would be hindered in going forward in Taiwan. You are part of something truly amazing! God is alive and at work in Taiwan!

We love and miss you all. We cannot wait to be in the states for three months on furlough. God bless!

Checks should be made out to “Mission Dispatch” with a note indicating you are sending to Garrett and Jessica Boyer:
Mission Dispatch
PO Box 641
Edmonds, WA 98020-0641


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