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New Ladies’ Bible Study Begins September 10

Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in attending. They don’t have to attend our church. All are welcome!!

Ladies Bible Study Begins Sept. 10th!

God’s Plan for the Future:   Daniel and Revelation

Time: 9am, Thursday

Place: Chewelah Evangelical Free Church

If you are interested, please let me (Ginger) know. This is an exciting study that I have written and taught before.  It is always a challenge and blessing for me to go through this wonderful book again. I love it and hope you will, too.


We call these studies “Digging Deeper” and that is what we do. I guarantee this study will stretch you, tax you, and confound you. But we will do our best to answer all questions and help you come to an understanding of this amazing book.

For those of you who are planning to attend, you may begin reading Daniel 2, Ch. 7, Ch. 9, and the book of Revelation. Don’t tax your mind too much when you read. Just get the over-all context into your thinking and heart.

The study of prophecy is very timely in our day and age. We believe that the words of this book will come to pass in a very short time. It is a point of wisdom to KNOW what God has planned for us as believers and for the world, and to ACT on that knowledge to do His will.

Always True – New Bible Study Beginning

always trueThe Thursday evening study group that meets at Dorothy Knauss’ home will be beginning a new study next week (Oct 16) – a video series by James MacDonald entitled “Always True” – God’s 5 promises when life is hard.

The study each week will involve watching an approximately 30-minute video, followed by discussion with a workbook, then prayer time.

The study begins promptly at 7 p.m. and will run for about 1 and 1/2 hours each week.