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Another new women’s study is beginning at CEFC. According to Joan Thompson, “We’re calling it the ‘Hebrews 12 Group’ because we’re focusing on ‘laying aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us’ in order to run our unique race of life.”

The study begins Tuesday, September 24, 7:00pm at Chewelah Evangelical Church and will go for about 10 weeks. You DON’T have to attend church in order to participate! ❤️

Along with the study (using “Be Transformed” by Scope Ministries), women will be learning about how the brain works, hormones, habits and practical ways to make real change. And yes, we’re your support group! For those interested in applying concepts to health and losing weight, we’ll be meeting at 6:30pm, prior to the study.

If you have questions, call or message Joan Thompson or attend the information meeting this Sunday following the church service (about noon) at Chewelah Evangelical Free church. Joan says, “I believe every person has a unique purpose, a calling in life. I’m excited to share how God has been freeing me up and I KNOW He is eager to free up anyone who is willing to reach out for truth and grace. 🌟”

AWANA Gearing Up for 2017-2018

Chewelah AWANAJOIN US at Chewelah E-Free!



Sunday, September 17, at 4pm


Chewelah AWANA kickoffFOOD!                     GAMES–PARENTS VS. KIDS!                      FUN!

RSVP TO 935-0930 OR dianahhamilton@gmail.com


Our Awana Program now includes:

  • SPARKS (k-2ND GRADE) Meeting Sundays, 4-6 pm – Starts Sept. 24th

  • T & T (3RD – 6TH GRADE) Meeting Sunday, 4-6 pm – Starts Sept. 24th

  • TREK ( 7TH AND 8TH GRADE) Meeting Mondays, 6-8 pm – Beginning Sept. 18th

  • JOURNEY ( 9TH – 12TH GRADE) Meeting Wednesdays, 6-8 pm – Beginning Sept. 20th

King’s Kids Bible Club Adopts AWANA Curriculum

awanaAfter researching a number of curriculum options for the 2016-2017 King’s Kids Bible Club program, the CEFC Children’s ministry committee felt led of the Lord to transition into the AWANA curriculum and activities as King’s Kids started back up for the school year on September 18.

Several training sessions have prepared the volunteers for the new program, and there were a number of children pre-registered, with hope of more dropping in.

If you know of families with children ages 5-12 (grades K-6) who are interested in participating in AWANA in town, please get this information to them. Registration forms may be picked up either before or after the Sunday morning church service, or you can call 935-7770 for information between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

King’s Kids AWANA meets on Sunday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the school year and typically follows the school calendar for holiday and other breaks.

2016 Vacation Bible School Announcement


Chewelah EFC 2016 VBS

Psalm 139:23-24

We’ll be Looking for Truth below the Surface!

Mark your Calendars!
Vacation Bible School at Chewelah E-Free Church
Monday, June 27th thru Friday, July 1st
8:30AM to 12 Noon
Contact Diana at 509-935-0930

Our VBS Bible Verse is:
“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me,
and know my thoughts: and see if there is any wicked
way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”
Psalm 139:23-24


Welcome Worship

Our Sunday morning worship follows an order of service, but the “worship team” is totally flexible and seldom the same from Sunday to Sunday. It has been our practice for several years to invite any who feel led of the Lord to come up front and help lead the contemporary song set to do so.

Chewelah EFree Worship Team

Up until the last several months, this group had always been adults – not for any particular reason except that no young folks had ever felt bold enough to come up front. How delighted we were when two of the youngsters came up one Sunday morning! Since then, several different boys and girls have stepped up to join the worship team and it has been a joy for not only those in the congregation singing, but to Danny and I as the October to May worship leaders.

Perhaps it is all the more special for those of us who have been involved in CEFC since the beginning, when there were only a couple of families with older children and no little ones at all. God has blessed His ministry here with many families with children – enough to prompt enlarging of the Children’s Church classroom and start up a children’s Bible club.

We are looking forward to many years with the next generation of worship leaders starting their service now! Praising Him for his abundant provision!


Singing Outreach Ministry

Each month, a church from our community serves in a singing outreach ministry at St. Joseph’s Long-Term Care Center, the “other side” of our local hospital. It is our privilege to be one of those churches that participates in this ministry to those who are generally unable to attend church services.

The group that comes from our church varies from month to month, and anyone from the church – young or old – is welcome to join us. This ministry is about blessing those who come to listen, and there is no requirement for exceptional singing ability!

Typically, we sing old “hymns of the faith” that most of the patients who attend the service will know from memory. It is always a blessing to us to see lips moving with familiar words, even if no voice is coming forth!

During our ministry time, the pastor (or someone else if he is not with us) will read a Scripture and speak a few words of encouragement from the Gospel to our “audience.”

If you have never joined the group, we serve on the second Sunday each month, with occasional exceptions when another church needs to switch Sundays because of prior commitments; this month (December 2014) being one of those. We did not include a time with this posting because prior to our next singing in January, St. Joseph’s LTC will be changing the time.

We are happy to have as many as we can fit in the front of the room – join us!

Northern Mountain District Women’s Retreat 2014

This year’s women’s retreat took place Oct. 3-5 in Missoula, Montana. Ruby’s Inn has been hosting our retreats for many years. Our weather was exceptionally warm which made for a beautiful drive over 4th of July and Lookout passes. Six women from our Chewelah EFC along with two gals from the Grace EFC in Colville travelled together in our “Chuck Wagon” (The wonderful van donated to CEFC in memory of Chuck Wallin).NMDRetreat

The theme for this year was “The King and I”. Our guest speaker, a gifted singer and musician, Carol Brewer from California offered four sessions; each with a wonderful lesson from God’s Word as well as sharing of her beautiful singing voice.

Session 1; Trusting in His Love, focused on helping us recognize the voice of God in our lives and gave us tools to teach us to respond to His unconditional love so that we can be transformed.

Session 2; Living as a Woman of Royalty, challenged us with helpful insights from God’s Word to recognize God’s plans for our lives and discern the lies that come from Satan. We looked at “wedges” such as fear, depression and self-pity and understood more clearly how to replace those wedges with the Fruits of the Spirit.

Session 3 titled, Entering His Throne Room, was a lesson taken from the book of Esther as she had to learn complete trust in the living God. This session also included a “concert of prayer” where we were broken into smaller groups and we prayed with Adoration, Confession, Supplication, Intercession, and Thanksgiving.

Our final session, Worshipping Our King, took place as our Sunday morning service. We enjoyed wonderful worship in the form of music and singing praises together; a message challenging us to overcome fear and discouragement and to recognize God’s power and glory in our lives; and we ended with a beautiful sharing of the Lord’s supper. Women were encouraged to go forward where ladies were waiting to pray with each individual woman. There was healing from hurts, joy from new friendship bonds, challenges to each of us in our own individual walk and laughter and love all weekend long.

The NMD ladies’ retreat is more than just a weekend of sharing. It is a character-building experience as we share our personal space with others; as we eat our meals with others; as we mingle and hear stories of joy and heartache that women from different walks of life live through. The ladies’ retreat is a wonderful experience, and I would challenge any lady who has never tried it to go and GROW next year!

I would not want to forget to mention the wonderful live and silent auctions that are hosted every year. This year there were TONS of great donated auction items that were up for bid. After a fun, dress-up evening and a delicious catered Italian dinner, the gals geared up with their auction numbers to start the live auction. The silent auction was officially over and we were all excited and hopeful that we had won our bids and still had money for the live auction. Each year, the proceeds from this auction go to a special project that an Evangelical Free Church in our district has applied for. Our auction was a GREAT success earning over $6,000 to go to the Osburn, Idaho church. All in all, the retreat was a wonderful experience; and I know that our ladies look forward to going again next year!

Article submitted by Lorrie Christian

Oil Change Outreach Ministry

The missions committee has once again organized a community outreach project to help single mothers, elderly persons, and others in financial need by setting up opportunities to get free oil and filter changes on a limited basis.

Participating businesses are Randy’s Auto Service, NAPA Auto Parts, Fullmer’s Garage, and Blue Creek Auto. This opportunity is available between October 1st and December 15, 2014. Coupons will be issued for service; if you are interested call 935-6406 or 935-7003. Randy’s Auto Service, if selected, is the only business that will provide the oil and filter.

If you are interested in financially contributing to this outreach ministry, call one of the numbers listed above to make a contribution.