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Podcasts Now Available

Chewelah E Free podcastAt the request of one of our faithful church families, we did a little research and figured out how to offer the Chewelah E Free Sunday sermon as an audio podcast in addition to our regular mp3 player on this website.

We understand that not everyone can make it to church on any given Sunday (and frankly, if everyone was there, we wouldn’t all fit until the building addition is finished). Sometimes illness, work, or just plain life keeps folks from getting to listen to the pastor’s message. It has also been a valuable service for our “snowbirds” who live in the Southwest during the winter months.

Our sermon “hosting” site allows us to keep quite a large number of messages available. At some points, there are more than 80; although it is more typically about 50.

Back to the podcasts! We are currently able to offer podcasts on PocketCasts and on iTunes. Links for both are below the mp3 player in the Listen to Sermons page on this website. If you have other favorite listening applications, let us know and we can look into adding others.

The new mp3 player we are using also offers a tab called “Bible.” When you click on this, it will bring up the passage for that sermon in the New American Standard Bible. We are not able to offer more than one translation, so we went with one many of our congregation uses.