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Highlighting the Evangelical in CEFC

The mission statement of the Evangelical Free Churches of America (EFCA) is “Reaching out to our community and world with the ‘Evangel’—the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God!” Early on in the development of the Chewelah EF church, the membership voted to faithfully devote a minimum “tithe” from the general giving to go toward missions.

Over the years, those missions have grown from one couple to seven couples and families – serving everywhere from Colville to Tai Pei. Not everyone who attends church regularly in our local body of Christ has met – or even knows about – these Kingdom servants and their ministries. So, now is your opportunity to focus on missions – and missionaries – and ministries!

Although the main event is Saturday, May 21 (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.), the 1st Annual Missions Conference at Chewelah Evangelical Free Church will begin with a fun “meet and greet” on Friday evening at 6 p.m. Throughout the conference, besides meeting some of the missionaries we support, there will be music and prayer and fellowship – and food. There will be an informational table for all seven missions this church supports; and we will have a special speaker, Rachael Balia, coordinator both for GlobalFingerprints Congo and for Elikya Center, a training center for older orphans, widows, unwed moms and the disabled. You can read more about her ministry endeavors at http://globalfingerprints.blogs.efca.org/author/rachel-martin/ .

Congo Mission

Special music will include our local children’s choir and instrumental solos. There will be singing and numerous testimonies of missionaries (both current and past) – and you will not want to miss the children’s puppet show during the Saturday morning session! The conference will conclude during the Sunday morning church service (church starts at 10:30), with the children’s choir and highlights.

Because seating is limited, the conference organizers are asking people to register. You can sign up in the foyer on any Sunday, or call the church phone at 509.935.7770. If you are not a CEFC “regular,” but are interested in becoming a missionary or adding your financial or prayer support to one of the seven missions that will be represented, you are welcome to register. Each and every one of these missions is in need of additional financial and prayer warriors!

See you there!

Northern Mountain District Women’s Retreat 2014

This year’s women’s retreat took place Oct. 3-5 in Missoula, Montana. Ruby’s Inn has been hosting our retreats for many years. Our weather was exceptionally warm which made for a beautiful drive over 4th of July and Lookout passes. Six women from our Chewelah EFC along with two gals from the Grace EFC in Colville travelled together in our “Chuck Wagon” (The wonderful van donated to CEFC in memory of Chuck Wallin).NMDRetreat

The theme for this year was “The King and I”. Our guest speaker, a gifted singer and musician, Carol Brewer from California offered four sessions; each with a wonderful lesson from God’s Word as well as sharing of her beautiful singing voice.

Session 1; Trusting in His Love, focused on helping us recognize the voice of God in our lives and gave us tools to teach us to respond to His unconditional love so that we can be transformed.

Session 2; Living as a Woman of Royalty, challenged us with helpful insights from God’s Word to recognize God’s plans for our lives and discern the lies that come from Satan. We looked at “wedges” such as fear, depression and self-pity and understood more clearly how to replace those wedges with the Fruits of the Spirit.

Session 3 titled, Entering His Throne Room, was a lesson taken from the book of Esther as she had to learn complete trust in the living God. This session also included a “concert of prayer” where we were broken into smaller groups and we prayed with Adoration, Confession, Supplication, Intercession, and Thanksgiving.

Our final session, Worshipping Our King, took place as our Sunday morning service. We enjoyed wonderful worship in the form of music and singing praises together; a message challenging us to overcome fear and discouragement and to recognize God’s power and glory in our lives; and we ended with a beautiful sharing of the Lord’s supper. Women were encouraged to go forward where ladies were waiting to pray with each individual woman. There was healing from hurts, joy from new friendship bonds, challenges to each of us in our own individual walk and laughter and love all weekend long.

The NMD ladies’ retreat is more than just a weekend of sharing. It is a character-building experience as we share our personal space with others; as we eat our meals with others; as we mingle and hear stories of joy and heartache that women from different walks of life live through. The ladies’ retreat is a wonderful experience, and I would challenge any lady who has never tried it to go and GROW next year!

I would not want to forget to mention the wonderful live and silent auctions that are hosted every year. This year there were TONS of great donated auction items that were up for bid. After a fun, dress-up evening and a delicious catered Italian dinner, the gals geared up with their auction numbers to start the live auction. The silent auction was officially over and we were all excited and hopeful that we had won our bids and still had money for the live auction. Each year, the proceeds from this auction go to a special project that an Evangelical Free Church in our district has applied for. Our auction was a GREAT success earning over $6,000 to go to the Osburn, Idaho church. All in all, the retreat was a wonderful experience; and I know that our ladies look forward to going again next year!

Article submitted by Lorrie Christian